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As a manufacturer

       Our goal is to ensure that the beginning  is as good as the end.  For the customer ,we provide attentive service to meet different needs,and offer OEM &ODM to order customized products .We mainly recommend 2&3 way latex foley catheter ,2&3way silicone foley catheter ,1way pvc catheter with neutral English packing ,apply to purchasing requirement form most countries ; we produce all kinds of drainage pack and tube .All is neutral packing according to international current standard . Read more, please   request a quote

As a trader

        Our market adviser  are available at anytime to receive your quote and to answer your questions patiently . Then place  order online , you can choose to pay the fee of goods online . when we receive your goods fee,will arrange your order as soon as possible,and deliver the goods ontime .You can appoint an agent in China ,also you can inspect goods byvideo . Surely if you get the goods , there is any problem . we support return goods and refund. Our sound service system must satisfy you . Read more , please quest a quote.

Consultant Services

    Our customers are from hospital , pharmacy ,clinic , community health center , physician office .home care , nursing home .Or maybe you are an import agent  If you have some questions about the usage of products and guide , our customer service consults  are available to answer technical questions from you or your sites. Work with us , kingland adviser team would love to be the assistance to you and serve to you .

Source medical products from China

    Currently kingland run hundreds of medical consumables and devices covering a wide range of medical feild . But perhaps we also have no some  products that you want to purchase.  We  have business support for you ,please trust  us ,our consult team are professional .We can help your  company  fulfill your orders with the highest level of service. We are willing to help you fulfill your holy mission . There is any requirements,we will try our best to help you with your order , recommend the right products and services for you.we’ll source and deliver it for you.